A year of four winters


I am a yoga student, teacher and mother to a tiny person. I have a tendency for deep thinking (sometimes too deep for my own good!) and soul searching (when I find the time in between potty training, reading Dr. Suess and collapsing exhausted on the couch!). My husband and I have joked about the last couple of years, which have included qualifying as a yoga teacher, having a baby, moving from the UK to South Africa and back again, going from employment to unemployment and back again, reuniting with family and saying goodbye, highs, lows, joy, heartbreak and everything in between…we call them our long year of 4 winters…partly because of our ridiculous sense of timing moving from Northern to Southern to Northern hemisphere to catch every autumn and winter on offer and partly because at times it has felt in many ways like a very long trek through an arctic landscape.

And now we find ourselves back in the UK, back in the middle of winter and with yet more mountains to climb. We have big dreams, big ambitions for a prosperous life lived between two countries and a big credit card bill from all this moving about! We’ve a way to go yet on our journey, but finding peace and contentment right here and now is a choice we can make with every step we take.

All this makes for a pretty robust education as a yoga teacher. It’s not too challenging to be peaceful and present in the yoga studio, compared to bringing these qualities to the real world, especially when the real world isn’t following the script in your head. Discipline and clear-headedness can so quickly become clouded by self-pity and ego.

So I’ve decided to lay a trail of crumbs for myself: yogic wisdom for the trip that has been and for that which is to come. This blog is a place to regroup, breathe, collect scattered thoughts or let them go, find grace in even dark places, create some inner space and move on, finding my way back to the profound peace that I know remains always underneath all the noise that we create in our heads and hearts…I hope it will grow into an oasis of inspiration and refreshment for me and any other travellers who may pass this way.


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  1. Greetings and much love to my former teacher – look forward to following your blog. May the four winters soon turn into the warmest, brightest summer ever…. Lyn

  2. Amazing writing – how did you do the graphics without me?? Keep it up and it will turn into something good. Believe in it.

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